King Edward has established itself as a traditional co-educational, dual medium, multicultural, country style school which offers a broad-based Educational package for all.

Our community manifests a strong sense of loyalty, steadfastness and caring for the individual. The opportunity to develop the individual to take his/her place in a commercially competitive and changing society is our priority.

King Edward High School, nestled in the foothills of the picturesque Southern Drankensberg offers, besides a clear crisp environment, a warm supportive community, and dynamic holistic curriculum.

Mission Statement / Verklaring van Voorneme

Excellence / Voortreflikheid
Broad-based Discipline / Veelsydige Dissipline
Individuality / Indivualiteit
Self Esteem / Selfrespek
Creative Teaching / Kreatiewe Onderrig

Community Recreation / Gemeenskap Ontspanning

Social and Sport / Sosiale en Sportmanskap
Environmental Sportsmanship / Omgewings- Voortreflikheid
Awareness Excellence / Bewustheid Sport
Interaction Culture / Interaksie Kultuur

Pastoral / Pastoraal

Humanity / Menslikheid
Compassion / Deernis
Christian Values / Christelike Waardes
Tolerance  / Verdraagsaamheid
Happiness / Blydskap


In the 1890’s there was only one school in Matatiele which was a thatched mud building where the French Protestant Mission taught a few children. Miss Leary started the first government school in the area. The school, Magistrate’s Office, Prison and Library were all accommodated in one building, on the site of the present Prison.

In 1902 Mr Melville was appointed the first principal. The present school was built in 1910 and the original name of “King Edward Coronation School” was changed to “King Edward High School”. The next headmaster, Mr Graham, composed the lyrics and tune of the school song and his successor, Mr JD Le Roux translated it into Afrikaans. In 1934 the school attained high school status.

In 1966 the boarding establishment was opened and named after one of the earlier headmasters, JD Le Roux. By God’s grace King Edward High School has flourished and developed into a significant educational asset for the Eastern Cape.

Top quality education is provided for 735 learners from pre-school to Matric. In many ways King Edward High School is a microcosm of the broader South African society and we enjoy wonderful unity in our diversity.