Grade R Rhino Bakery Visit - 2019

On Wednesday and Thursday this past week our Grade R classes visited the Rhino Bakery. This is always one of the highlights of the year and the learners thoroughly enjoy every minute of it. The bakery manager, Mr M Lempe, welcomed us all and each learner was kitted out with an apron and appropriate head gear. Then the excitement began! Each child received their own piece of dough and decorations to make their very own gingerbread man.

Afterwards Mr M Lempe gave them a tour of the bakery, explaining how the ovens and machinery worked. They saw the bread baking and their gingerbread men taking shape. Afterwards they returned to school and enjoyed their baked goods. A big thank you is extended to Mr G van Staaden, manager of Rhino, and Mr M Lempe for accommodating us and making this outing such a pleasant one.

IMG 20191119 WA0007

IMG 20191119 WA0026

IMG 20191119 WA0006