Scottburgh 1st Team Sport Festival

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. During this past weekend KEHS took our First teams to participate in the annual Scottburgh High School Sports Festival. It was a well-organized and energetic event hosting very tough competition.

The First Girls’ Hockey team played three games. The day was hot but the girls played well. We drew against Kuswag and Kingsway and beat Shepstone 1 – 0.

The first Netball girls displayed great improvement in the Scottburgh Festival although losing 8:18 to Kokstad College, they beat New forest 14:5, Werda 15:11 and Scottburgh 9:5.

The first rugby team was matched against an old rival, Suid-Natal High School. The match started with high intensity. From the start, both sides displayed great physical intent. What I witnessed this past Saturday makes me extremely proud to be part of KEHS. Our boys never gave up; despite trailing at the half time break, the team displayed character and determination and walked off the field victorious. Yes, we won the match, but we achieved something bigger than this. We came together as a team in the face of overwhelming odds, proving that we are courageous. Extremely pleased and satisfied, we say thank you to our opposition and congratulations to our boys.